[Mokusei Zaijuu] Lightning’s Despair (ENG) =Imari+Torn=

Yay, Final Fantasy 13 doujin! Please don’t give away any spoilers in comments, I haven’t finished the game yet. Yes, I am slow.

Lightning gets captured and raped for ten days straight by a bunch of soldiers in the street. She starts off defiant by by the end she’s begging them to do anything to her except kill her. Then we see Jihl has captured Fang and Vanille and is watching them get raped as she uses Hope to service herself. Apparently l’Cie semen makes you beautiful. Sure, whatever love.

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http://uploadmirrors.com/download/ULUJVH4V/_AAA_ Mokusei Zaijuu – Lightning no Zetsubou… _Imari_Torn_.zip


3 Responses to [Mokusei Zaijuu] Lightning’s Despair (ENG) =Imari+Torn=

  1. hentai lover says:

    Please more FF 13 douijin :P~

  2. metal spinning,repulsados,repulsado,lumar…

    [Mokusei Zaijuu] Lightning’s Despair (ENG) =Imari+Torn= « Little PINK Butterflies…

  3. ouvrirompte says:


    [Mokusei Zaijuu] Lightning’s Despair (ENG) =Imari+Torn= | Little PINK Butterflies

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